Samsung maintenance

Official Samsung-brand maintenance for mobile devices

Official Samsung-brand maintenance at your service nationwide!

  • Your device keeps the validity of its remaining warranty.
  • For some of the models* a new battery is provided without additional cost when changing to a new screen (pricing here ).
  • IP-code tested after maintencance, waterproofing remains intact without fail.
  • For the repair of your device, only original parts made by the manufacturer are used and only professional tools are utlilized for E.g. safely opening your phone and removing the battery.
  • Handy mailing service: digital maintencance referral and a maintenance agreement for businesses - leave at the nearest Post office and have your device maintained from anywhere!
  • Easy to stop by in person. Free parking: service points of Jyväskylä, Tampere and Vantaan Tammisto.

Fast service

  • Official maintenance authorized by the manufacturer
  • Fast service done by industry professionals
  • We use only original manufacturer parts
  • Your device keeps the validity of its remaining warranty after the maintenance.

We also offer

  • substitute devices for rent for the duration of the maintenance
  • data tranfer services for storing important information of mobile phones
  • a chance to step into the world of Samsung at Vantaan Tammisto

Aito Member -membership

With the Aito Member -service agreement you ensure that your device maintains its condition and performance for a long time! You receive maintenance checks for your device and other benefits and services that are only available to Aito Members.

We have updated our price list 1.6.2021
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