New product for our assortment: Aito Member - service agreement!

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A New Release For Our Selection: Aito Member -Service Agreements!

What is Aito Member?

We've added a new type of service to our assortment: Aito Member -service agreement.  

With this service we wish to ensure that the usage of your device is carefree! We will regularly check your device's condition and performance. With the included information security we ensure that your device is protected and you can for example take care of your banking without worrying!

As an Aito Member you can start using your new phone without worry. The service is also available for a device of yours that is under a year old.

  • With the Aito Member -service agreement we ensure that your device maintains its condition and performance for a long time! You receive maintenance checks and usage advicement for your device. 
  • We also ensure safe usage of your device with the included all-inclusive F-Secure TOTAL information security package.
  • You gain special benefits and offers and a fast track contact channel for only Aito Members.
  • As an Aito Member, you also gain discounts for maintenance works outside of the warranty.
  • You can choose either 12 or 24 months for the length of the service.


Aito Member 12 months including 3 F-Secure TOTAL licenses 99,80€

Aito Member 12 months including 5 F-Secure TOTAL licenses 119,80€

The difference in the packages is the amount of F-Secure TOTAL licenses.

  • Aito Member 99,80 € includes 3 F-Secure TOTAL licenses, meaning that you can install information security for up to three devices.
  • Aito Member 119,80 € includes 5 F-Secure TOTAL licenses. We recommend this option if your household has up to five devices since it covers all of them!

We recommend checking how many devices you have at home: tablets, computers, or multiple phone users and choosing the option that fits your needs the best.


Be free to contact us, we will gladly tell you more about how to become an Aito Member!

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