Midare is reorganizing its business activity and selling Samsung maintenance to Anssi Kuoppala

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With a corporate acquisition made today, Midare Oy of Jyväskylä has sold its Samsung maintenance related business activity to former CEO Anssi Kuoppala and his new company. Midare will continue its normal activity in Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki and Tampere, further developing their ICT business. Kuoppala's new company acts as a Samsung authorized partner in Finland and has its own offices in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Vantaa. Along the arrangement 17 employees will transfer from Midare to Kuoppala's payroll as old employees. The parties are not disclosing the sale price.

"Midare has a long experience of maintenance but we saw it more sensible to focus on our other strong areas" says Midare's chairman of the board of executives Pekka Raudasoja about the background of the deal.

"We will build whole new services for both consumers and business customers and work with a focus on the whole nation. Our services also include software development that is first being used for our internal and our's and our partners joint needs of software development", Kuoppala says.

"I'm especially glad to be able to continue our tight-knit collaboration with Samsung Electronics. The collaboration that started during Midare's time and that now continues with us, makes it possible for us to stand out as a specialist for Samsung devices. There is plenty room for a new actor and new service models in a developing device and service ecosystem, especially as a supplier of devices and accessories", says Kuoppala.

Midare's revenue was in the year 2019 about 5m € and it employs around 20 employees after the deal.

Kuoppala's new company will grow to around 4-5m € revenue within about a year and will employ about 20 employees.

Additional information

Anssi Kuoppala 050 522 8698

Midare Pekka Raudasoja 0400-643679

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