What measures must be taken for the phone before delivering it to maintenance?

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Remove the protection case, SIM-card and memory card from the device. If you have a cover glass on the device, it will have to be removed in some cases and can't be reliably installed again. We can install a new cover glass during the maintenance for a price of 29,90€ Please ask about availability for your device model in the defect description of the maintenance referral.


We recommend that you take copies of the information stored in the device because it might be lost during the maintenance. The maintenance does not answer for any lost information. We can also take a copy of the information for 39€ but the copy won't be all-encompassing and not all information will be possible to restore I.e. application data,  Whatsapp messages. If a copy cannot be made, it also won't be charges for.

You can use I.e. Smart Switch to move your important data. You will find the instruction here: Smart Switch | Sovellukset ja palvelut | Samsung Suomi

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