Aito Support services for companies

Aito Support also serves corporate customers Our services include various comprehensive service packages with which you make the maintenance of your company's Samsung mobile devices effortless.

Our services include e.g. spare or replacement device service, quick registration of maintenance and maintenance monitoring, as well as various reports. 

Why would I take a service contract for a company?

As an authorized Samsung service partner, Aito Support takes care of the condition of Samsung's mobile devices safely, after the service, the device manufacturer's warranty remains unchanged, for example when replacing a broken screen.

With the help of the service agreement, we extend the life of the equipment. We can also perform maintenance proactively, e.g. regular inspections of equipment to maximize equipment availability and life cycle.

When the entire company's equipment base is under control, operations become more efficient, bring cost savings and increase responsibility.

The maintenance management system included in the maintenance service agreement can be customized according to the company's needs. Various reports can be used for example, to monitor the volume of the company's maintenance.

As our contract customer, the equipment is serviced with a service time promise.

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    Warranty continues

    We act as a Samsung Authorized Service Partner. After service, the device warranty remains unchanged, even after, for example, a broken screen replacement.

    Original spare parts

    We only use original spare parts for maintenance and the maintenance is always performed by Samsung's trained technicians.

    Battery replacements when changing the display

    We perform maintenance responsibly, replacing most models with a battery replacement at no charge when changing the screen. A damaged battery can be a safety risk, and we want to ensure the safe use of the device.

    Service agreement

    A service agreement is an easy way to manage the maintenance of Samsung mobile devices. 

    Through the system, the company receives monitoring and transparency for all maintenance. Through the system, we can generate reports according to the needs of the company.

    Spare- and Exchange Equipment Service Agreement

    The replacement and replacement equipment service agreement includes the same benefits as our service agreement. 

    In addition to this, in the spare equipment service, Aito Support maintains a device storage, from which we deliver to your company during the maintenance of the spare equipment.

    In the exchange device service, Aito Support, on the other hand, maintains a device storage from which we deliver your exchange device to your company. The repaired device will remain in the Genuine Support replacement equipment base for the next service.

    As a contract customer, you have access to our contract price. 

    Our service agreement includes a maintenance management system that allows you to record maintenance and create shipments with Posti or UPS integration. 

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